neubie by neufit

What is Neufit and Neubie?

Neufit uses our neurological system to train our body to perform better, heal faster and get fitter at a much faster rate. The Neubie is a device that uses technology and Neufit protocols that can enhance performance training by increasing the levels of neurological activation and control. It improves performance, helps build more muscle, activates and recruits maximum amount of muscle fibers, burns fat and prevents injuries.

How does it improve performance training?

It increases levels of neurological activation and control to help improve performance, build more muscle, activate and recruit maximum amount of muscle fibers, burn fat and prevent injury.

Perform Better: The Neubie stimulates your nervous system to work better. During your sessions as the bandwidth and processing speeds increase strength, speed and precision of movements are gained.

Heal faster: Using the Neubie we are able to find weak links that caused the body to become compromised and then can improve these areas and allow the body to be supported maximally.

Get fitter: Within one exercise session with the Neubie your muscles are able to work as much as several traditional workouts with this you are able to accelerate your results quicker.

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