Training and Programming

The way through

Many athletes lack the important knowledge of testing and reevaluating their performance to track progression over time. Here at Finish First we administer aerobic capacity testing to determine heart rate training zones, VO2 submax/max, anaerobic threshold and max heart recovery testing. Aerobic resting metabolic rate (RMR) is another form of testing we use to determine the calories of the individual burned at rest.

Functional movement screens (FMS) are administered to uncover muscular weakness during critical core body movements (such as a squat or inline lunge) which have been a proven predictor of injury. The InBody 520 Analysis is used to track lean mass gained versus fat mass lost, segmental lean analysis and total body hydration throughout our nutritional and training assessments. The InBody 520 also allows us to monitor hydration at the cellular level to help us better control sugar uptake and electrolyte levels.

Personal Training

Finish First has personal trainers within our facility as well. Once patients have progressed through their treatment to reach specific outcomes, they may then transition to more strength and conditioning programs designed custom for the patient to get back to 100%. All of our trainers have had more than 7 years of experience of independent personal training and have bachelor’s or master’s degrees in their prospective field.

Partner or individual training sessions can be scheduled to begin or advance your exercise regimen and goals at any fitness level with Gina Lopez.

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